Sunday, October 28, 2007

willing but not sure I am able>>>

I will see how NORMAL looks .. I should use large but will stay with this font for now.I am not sure what you really do but am willing to learn. I loved looking at the pictures and especially of baby Jay. UPDATE. Once again I am indebted to the Lord. On Tues. the 23rd I noticed I was not seeing well. Wed. Maureen asked me if I was going to see a Dr. Thurs. 25th after finding out I could not see the numbers to call for refills on the prescription bottles I immediately called Dr. Wallace who did some laser surgery on my right eye in Sept. Lois Cherry took me over around ten a m. Dr. W did the testing and immediately called Dr. Moffat my eye specialist who said to send me over at 1 PM. Lois took Bill & I to his office and stayed the whole 4 hours. What a lady and friend. Dr. M found bleeding and repeated more than once how grateful he was that I had gone to see Dr. W that morning as it would have been too late if I had not called that morning. They did the dye test in the vein where it takes 13 seconds for the dye to reach the eye and then they took 12 pictures. FINALLY Dr. M came and showed us the trouble spot and told me I needed to have an injection NOW. I have had 3 of the injections and felt fairly calm. It is uncomfortable when they deaden the eye, they rub the lower lid for quite awhile and it gets sore, but they put a ring in the eye to keep the lids out of the way. the needle is very fine and he injectes it right into the eyeball. You can sort of feel it but it doesn't hurt. My eye was and still is red; I had two bad days afterwards but today I can see well enought to type on the computer. Dr. M said "come back in 6 weeks, you will not be worse and could be better but if not better they will inject me again. So pray that it is better and that I don't have to be injected again. I was truly blessed again and I am very grateful. My sight has been saved twice now.Grandpa is doing ok. Days like that tend to make him confused but hopefully he will improve soon. Much love to all you dear people .

.we love you.. Grandpa and Grandma Fager

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