Saturday, October 13, 2007

About Ben

Ben is FINALLY in high school (sophomore) after 4 years of middle school/junior high. He has also turned 16 and is enjoying the freedoms of driving at night and being able to hang out in "mixed company and even numbers." The only problem with turning 16 in late August and being the oldest in his class, is the girls are not yet 16.Meanwhile he is staying busy taking honors English and Math, Biology, and a couple of other time consuming classes.

He felt a little trauma when he did not make the varsity soccer team, only 2 sophomores did and one of them does not get much playing time. As it is, he is one of the captains on the JV team and rarely is pulled from a game since he plays sweeper (leader of the defense); soccer has worked out pretty good and he was pulled up to varisty for the upcoming state tournament.
Below are some pictures of a recent game.

Clearing the balls is what Ben does in the back row of the defense again , again , and again. (He is #6)

Ben in position to "head" the ball. He is notoriously good at it, perhaps because of a hard head.

After the game.....

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