Saturday, October 13, 2007

About David

David is a senior and glad for the last year of high school. He is taking the typical senior schedule of Economics, American Government, and Senior English. Fun classes this trimester are acapella choir and weight lifting. Choir at IF is big and there are over 100 kids. They all wear tuxes and formals. The choir is quite good. David sings bass 1 or baritone although he has quite a good range. The first concert is a couple of weeks.
David really likes weight lifting and will have that class a couple trimesters. He has put on a few pounds since the beginning of school all in his upper body. I had to almost pull teeth to get this picture, you're lucky to see it. Speaking of teeth. After 3 and a half years, David will get his braces off hopefully in 2 months. We are holding off on senior pictures until spring, nicer weather and braceless teeth. David is also big into tennis. He will play in a tournament in a couple of weeks, I'll get some pictures and a video. He plays in the Men's 18-division which is a very competitive bracket. He did play in a few tournaments this summer and won consolation (3rd) in singles. That will make his USTA rating go up!
He worked for the city this summer on weed control (carrying a 30 lb pack all day and walking miles) and putting in a sprinkler system. He worked from 6 AM to 2 PM. My favorite picture of him this summer was with Katie at EFY. He wasn't in her company, but had a great time in spite of cryptosporidium. (He got that the day before he left and had to tough it out a few days.)

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