Monday, January 28, 2008

Proud Uncle

Here is Ben holding Carson just before they went to church. As you can see Carson is not lacking for food, although he would tell you he is. He has gained over 3 lbs in a month, pretty good for a little feller. Speaking of growing boys, Ben has put on 25-30 lbs since August plus an inch or so.

Carson was blessed in sacrament meeting yesterday. It was a beautiful blessing. Jenn was able to get the blessing down word for word. Both Dave and Melanie bore their testimonies which were very touching. Melanie testified that in her new role as a parent of how she has learned about how our Heavenly Father feels about us as his children. She told of how she knows what Carson's cries mean and how much she wants to comfort him- whether he is hungry, cold, hurt, and just needs to be held. She connected that thought to how Heavenly Father knows our cries and what we need. He knows us well, how to comfort us, and how to take care of our needs.

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Jenn said...

carson is a budunkadunk! HE HE!